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SubDAO Airdrop Event : 20 GOV (20$) Also Get A Chance To Win 5,000 USDT

Hello, Welcome Back To Pinoffers, We Always Try Our Best To Find out Best Airdrop And Offer For You. This Time We Got An Airdrop Which is SubDAO Airdrop Event Where You Will Get 20 GOV Tokens (Worth 20$ Min.) & Also A Chance To Win Upto 5,000 USDT. It Is Leaderboard Based Event Where Top 2,000 participants on entry leaderboard will get 20 GOV each & Top 10 winners on entry leaderboard will share 5,000 USDT giveaway. Check Complete Guide Below.

If You Are Willing To Participate In SubDAO Airdrop Event Then Follow Below Steps & Don’t Miss Any Airdrop/Offer We Post For Instant Updates Join Our Telegram Channel.

Distribution & Price ?

  • Top 10 winners on entry leaderboard will share 5,000 USDT
  • Top 2,000 participants on entry leaderboard will get 20 GOV each
  • You have to get more than 270 entries to be qualified
  • SubDAO Airdrop Event Will Ends On 18 April (04:00 PM UTC).
  • All rewards will be distributed within 72 hours after GOV TGE

How To Participate In SubDAO Airdrop Event ?

  • First Of All Open SubDAO Airdrop Event Page From Below Link
  • SubDAO Airdrop Event Page Link
  • Join SubDAO Telegram
  • Subscribe SubDAO Announcement Channel
  • Follow On Twitter
  • Retweet the tweet using the hashtag #SubDAO and Tag 3 people  
  • Subscribe SubDAO Medium

What About Referral Program ?

  • For Each Referral You Will Get 30 ENTRIES (Every Entry Will Increase Your Chance To Win Prizes)
  • No Limit For Referral Entries Reward.

More About SubDAO ?

  • SubDAO is a DAO infrastructure based on Polkadot, where any decentralized organization is allowed to conveniently create and manage a DAO. SubDAO does not only connect DAO with DApps to realize DAO’s cross-chain management, but also bridges Web 2.0 and Web 3.0.
  • Creating a DAO is not a new thing to the guys involved in the blockchain world, just like shooting a man to the Moon is not news to the fiction novel readers nor people.
  • But the opportunity for everyone to easily travel back and forth between the Moon and the earth really makes a big difference! All the team trying to do is to build a cheap, reliable, and fast enough vessel for people to travel between the Moon and the earth even further between Mars and the Earth.
  • The team wants to provide a cheap, reliable, and fast enough way for everyone to create DAOs and DApps across different chains.
  • With the state-of-art technology, SubDAO Labs can achieve the goal based on Substrate 2.0 and the Polkadot. The SubDAO project contains SubDAO node, Template Library, SubDAO Guard, Asset Vault, SubDAO Airfone, and Front End.
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  1. a tantalizing project. very profitable if you join here. generate lots of coins coins that can become money

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  22. Airdrops are ways to help people to become millionaire.thanks

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