SpaceY Airdrop : 2000 Winners will share 40,000 SPAY Tokens ($64K)

Hello, welcome back to pinoffers. Today we will share a new airdrop that is SpaceY Airdrop. Since This airdrop is hosting with coinmarketcap so don’t miss your rewards are assure here. You will get up to 20 SPAY tokens if you win in this airdrop. Therefore total winners are 2000 i.e total SPAY tokens in this airdrop is 40,000.

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Note – Never Pay Any amount for claiming airdrops & presales. Every airdrop is free.

Rewards :

  • 2000 Winners will share 40,000 SPAY Tokens ($64K)
  • CoinMarketCap will Declare Winners on 8th August, 2021

How To Participate in SpaceY Airdrop ?

  • Firstly Open Below Link To Participate
  • Click here to participate in this airdrop
  • After That Login/register on coinmarketcap
  • now complete all the required airdrop tasks
  • Finally submit your ETH wallet Address along with your telegram & twitter username.
  • That’s it.

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More About SpaceY SPAY Project :

In a universe parallel to our own, Space Y is the name of the project to colonize and settle Mars.

In 2025, Elon Y announced that the Great Falcon Spaceship (GFS) will send the first 100 humans to Mars, which will take the Dragon 8 months to cross. This project has been dubbed Project Space Y 2025. Among the 100 brave pioneers, experts from numerous industries populate a large majority of the 100, humanity’s best effort to ensure the project’s success. After landing, we need to find space-dropped materials to build the first Mars settlement. This is the moment humanity evolves to a plant-faring civilization. On this cold and hostile red rock, your only goal is to survive…

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