KuCoin Easter Egg Hunt : Hunt Your Easter Egg in KuCoin Park to Share 100,000 USDT! (100% Win)

Hello, Welcome Back To pinoffers, Now We Are Going To Tell You About KuCoin Easter Egg Hunt Where You Will Get Dices For Every Activity Mentioned In Their Easter Hunt Page (Like 1 Dice For Daily Login, 1 Dice For Every Share, 1 Dice For joining Their Community, 1 Dice For Following Them on Twitter, 3 Dice For Trading, Like This So On ). And There Is a A Super Easter Egg Which Has Been Divided Into 4 Parts. Person Who Will Collect These 4 Parts & Merge Them Will Get a Share Of 40,000 USDT. And There Is Also A Another Bonus For Top 100 On Leaderboard Based On Earning Of Dices.

If You Like To Participate & Claim Your Bonus Then Follow Below Steps & Don’t Miss Any Hint We Share To Win.

—Referral Code – rJP3DTC

Distribution & Prices ?

  • Activity Period – From 16:00:00 on April 2, 2021 to 15:59:59 on April 9, 2021 (UTC) 
  • Hunt Easter Eggs in KuCoin Park to Share 40,000 USDT! 
  • Join the Dice Ranking and Share 50,000 USDT! 
  • Find Hidden Easter Eggs and Share 10,000 Tokens! 
  • Distribution After 9 April 2021.

How To Participate In KuCoin Easter Egg Hunt ?

  • First Of All Download KuCoin App From Below Link
  • KuCoin App Download Link
  • Enter Referral Code rJP3DTC
  • After That Users need to click On The Banner (Easter Egg 100,00 USDT Banner)
  • then Click ‘Join Now’ to sign up for the activity
  • Now complete missions to win dice & Roll them to move forward in KuCoin Park and hunt Easter eggs

Rules ?

Activity One: Hunt Easter Eggs in KuCoin Park to Share 40,000 USDT! 

1. Roll dice to hunt for Easter eggs in KuCoin Park to share the 10,000 USDT prize pool! There’s an Easter egg hidden in each grid on the map.  

2. You will have a chance to get fragments of the Super Easter Egg when opening the Easter eggs. Collect all four fragments and merge them into a Super Easter Egg to share the prize pool worth 30,000 USDT! The more Super Easter Eggs you get, the more prizes you can win! (Each user can merge 10 Super Easter Eggs at most).  

3. You can also send fragments to your friends. If your friend merges them into a Super Easter Egg, your friend can get a share of the prize pool as well.  

Activity Two: Join the Dice Ranking and Share 50,000 USDT! 

The top 100 players who own the most dice will be listed on the leaderboard and can share 50,000 USDT according to their final ranking.  

  • Top 1-10 20,000 USDT in total.
  • Top 11-50 20,000 USDT in total.
  • And Top 51-100 10,000 USDT in total.

Activity Three: Find Hidden Easter Eggs and Share 10,000 Tokens! 

To Participate in Activity Three, You Have To Keep An Eye On Their Community Telegram Channels Where They Will Post code for the Hidden Easter Egg. From 12:00 to 13:00 each day (UTC), by entering the daily code, you can hunt the Hidden Easter Egg. Limited offers, first come, first served!  

Activity Four: Participate in the Wheel of Fortune! 

For users who own or draw KuCoin candies for this activity, please go to the KuCoin App homepage >> Check-in, to participate in the Wheel of Fortune to draw prizes.  

Notice ?

1. The number of dice will only be shown if users click ‘Join Now’ when they finish the tasks. Users can click the ‘Join Now’ button during the event and their points will be updated automatically.  

2. Mission status and points will be updated every 6 hour at 04:00,10:00,16:00 and 22:00 (UTC) each day.   

3. Please note that a natural day for check-in activity on the activity page is counted from  16:00:00 (UTC) of the current day to 15:59:59 (UTC) of the next day. 

4.The “KuCoin Candies” that users receive in Activity 1 will be distributed immediately. Please check them on the KuCoin App (visit “Home” and click “Check-in”).  

5. KuCoin will distribute the other prizes according to users’ points within 7 working days after the activity ends.  

6. For any malicious acts conducted during the activity period, including illegal bulk registration of accounts, etc, KuCoin will cancel the qualification of the participants.  

7. KuCoin reserves all rights to the final interpretation of this activity.  

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