Funnybirdnft Airdrop : 1000 FUB ($10) For Joining + 100 FUB Per Refer

Hello, Welcome Back To Pinoffers. we are good To see you Again on our website Now We Are providing New Airdrop Which is Funnybirdnft Airdrop Where you will get 1000 FUB ($10) For Participation & 100 FUB ($1) For Each Referral. Just Complete Easy Tasks To Get The Airdrop Tokens Free.

Note – Never Pay Any Amount For Claiming Airdrop & Presales/IDO. Every Airdrop Is Free To Claim.

Rewards ?

  • For Participation : 1000 FUB ($10)
  • For Each Refer : 100 FUB ($1)

How To Join Funnybirdnft Airdrop ?

  • Firstly Open Below Link To Join This Airdrop
  • Click Here To Join The Funnybirdnft Airdrop (If Link Not Open Then Copy-paste link in telegram and open from there)
  • Therefore Complete All The Required Tasks.
  • Finally Submit Your BEP20 BSC Address From Trust Wallet.

How To Earn More FUB Tokens Free ?

Finally You Can Refer Your Friends To Earn More FUB Tokens For Free. You Will Receive 100 FUB Tokens (Worth 1$) For Every Referral. Don’t Miss If You Can Refer.

More Info About Funnybirdnft Project ?

Firstly FUNNYBIRD focuses on the field of NFT-IP innovation. It is a new and secure version deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. It is brand new and safe, and full of opportunities and fun. To decentralize the application. FunnyBird is freely initiated by members of the funnybirdnft in Singapore to integrate the concept of NFT-IP. It is a 100% decentralized NFT-IP experimental platform.

Creators and collectors can get more generous returns and High-quality NFT-IP works. The platform provides self-operated NFT-IP and third-party artist IP transaction services, giving FUB the right to dividends, autonomous decision-making power, staking bonus rights and other rights. Users can purchase FUB to pay and exchange their favorite NFT-IP to enjoy the IP belt The value-added benefits come to realize the true sense of autonomy.

However From the perspective of sales channels, retail stores are the core of Chaowan IP manufacturers, and Chaowan manufacturers mainly realize store sinking through unmanned vending machines. From the customer base, young female users are the main target group in the trendy play industry. Due to the special attributes of the industry, high-quality IP is currently the core competitive advantage of Chaowan enterprises and the core barrier of the industry.

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