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Elrond Airdrop : 2000 Winners Will Share 400 EGLD Tokens ($40k)

Hello, welcome back to pinoffers. Today we will share a new airdrop that is Elrond Airdrop. Since This airdrop is hosting with coinmarketcap so don’t miss your rewards are assure here. You will get up to 0.20 EGLD tokens if you win in this airdrop. total winners are 2000 i.e total EGLD tokens in this airdrop is 400.

Note – Never Pay Any amount for claiming airdrops & presales. Every airdrop is free.

Rewards :

  • 2000 Winners will share 400 EGLD Tokens ($40,000)
  • CoinMarketCap will Declare Winners on 14th July 2021

How To Participate in Elrond Airdrop ?

  • Firstly Open Below Link To Participate
  • Click here to participate in this airdrop
  • Login/register on coinmarketcap
  • now complete all the required airdrop tasks
  • Finally submit your Maiar @herotag Wallet Address along with your telegram & twitter username.
  • Your unique @herotag is your wallet address, where the EGLD prize will sent. Make sure you register a herotag in the Maiar app ( in order to be eligible for prizes.

More About Elrond EGLD Project :

Elrond is an easy to integrate blockchain with unprecedented scalability, high speed and low transaction cost. Elrond proposes a dynamically adaptive sharding mechanism that enables shard computation and reorganizing based on necessity and the number of active network nodes. The reassignment of nodes in the shards at the beginning of each epoch is progressive and nondeterministic, inducing no temporary liveness penalties.

Adaptive state sharding comes with additional challenges compared to the static model. One of the key-points resides in how shard-splitting and shardmerging is done to prevent overall latency penalties introduced by the synchronization/communication needs when the shard number changes. Latency, in this case, is the communication overhead required by nodes, in order to retrieve the new state, once their shard address space assignment has been modified

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