CLIQ TOKEN Airdrop : 15 CT tokens On Signup & 10 CT Tokens Per Referral

Hello Welcome Back To Pinoffers, & Today We Are Talking About a New Airdrop Which is SPOTTR / CLIQ TOKEN (CT) Airdrop From Latoken Exchange . Latoken Is A Big Exchange So Never Miss This Opportunity. Recently We Have Psted Many Best Airdrops

For Claiming CT Tokens From This Airdrop You Are Required To Complete Tier-2 KYC In Latoken Wallet (We Have Added Full Details To Complete KYC Check Out Below). If You Are Interested To Participate In CLIQ TOKEN Airdrop Then Follow Below Steps.

Distribution & Prices ?

  • Total giveaway of 500K CT tokens
  • 1 CT = 0.2 $ (Its sale Price, It Will Go High Soon)
  • Airdrop Ends On 25th March 2021 15:00 (UTC+3)
  • Tokens will be distributed on the 5th day of the finish date and take up to two weeks

How To participate In CLIQ TOKEN Airdrop ?

  • First Of All Start Chat With CLIQ TOKEN Airdrop Bot From Below Link
  • CLIQ TOKEN Airdrop Telegram bot (If Link Not Open Then Copy This Link & Paste It Anywhere In Telegram & Then Click On That)
  • Complete all The Tasks Correctly One By One (Don’t Skip Any)
  • (If You Face App Install Error In Last Then Click On Install The App & Keep The App Opened In Background, Come Back To Airdrop & Click Done. Try Multiple Times If Not Works)
  • Submit Your LATOKEN Registered Email ID

How To Complete Tier 2 KYC (Most Important To Receive 15 CT tokens)

NOTE-You Can Skip KYC Task If You Have Already Completed To Tier-2 KYC in Latoken Wallet

TIER 0 And Tier 1 KYC Process

  1. Click “LOGIN” on latoken.com
  2. Register with Same Email ID .
  3. Go to “ACCOUNT”.
  4. Press “Verify Email now” in verification box And Verify It.
  5. Go to “ACCOUNT”.
  6. Press “APPLY” in the verification block in Tier 1 column.
  7. Fill in your real First and Last names.
  8. Select your Gender.
  9. Provide your real age.
  10. Choose the country of your citizenship as stated in your passport.
  11. Also Verify Your Phone Number.

TIER 2 Process (Most Important)

  1. Go to “ACCOUNT” .
  2. Press “APPLY” button in the verification block in Tier 2 column.
  3. Fill Your Address Details.
  4. Upload a clear photo of one of your identity document: passport, National ID, Aadhar Card, or driving license. Please read the requirements on the page carefully
  5. Provide information about the document: ID type, ID number, issue date and expiration date (if available) -> Make a selfie with note that contains handwritten word “LATOKEN” and date of the photo. Please read the requirements on the page carefully
  6. Provide proof of residence by uploading one of the 3: utility bills, bank statement or official government letter regarding the receipt of benefits such as a pension, unemployment benefits, etc. or payment of taxes. Read the requirements on the page carefully
  7. Provide proof of residence issue date
  8. Press “Apply”
  9. Done!

Hurrah! Now You Have Successfully Completed Your Full KYC, You Will Get 15 CT tokens In Your Latoken Wallet Soon

What About CLIQ TOKEN Airdrop Referral Program ?

  • You Will Receive 10 CT Tokens For Each Referral . All referrals must complete airdrop tasks, download LATOKEN mobile app or pass KYC tier-2 otherwise the referrals will not be counted
  • There Is No Limit On Number Of Referrals

Airdrop Terms and Conditions ?

1. Start SPOTTR – CLIQ TOKEN (CT) on Telegram bot and follow the instructions listed there (also explained below). Participants must use their current LATOKEN account, airdrop rewards will be credited only to this account.
2. Participants must have an account/register on LATOKEN and pass KYC Tier 2 verification to be eligible to receive airdrop rewards. To verify a new account please check your email inbox and follow the instructions.
3. Join ELT’s official social media channels. Participants must remain subscribed to social media channels until the airdrop distribution date otherwise the social task’s completion reward will be zero. The social task reward will be 15 CT tokens given to each eligible participant.
4. Invite unique users who have never participated in LATOKEN airdrops and get 10 CT tokens per referral.
5. All referrals must complete airdrop tasks and pass KYC tier-2 otherwise the referrals will not be counted.


  • Airdrop rewards are limited. Participants must complete the tasks faster to increase their chances to get a reward. CT airdrop ends when airdrop reward tokens will be finished.
  • New users must apply for KYC within 72 hours of the airdrop finished date.
  • Tokens will be distributed on the 5th day of the finish date and take up to two weeks.
  • The distribution will be based on whether the participant satisfies the eligibility criteria at the last date of the airdrop. The snapshot will be taken on the last day of the airdrop at 15:00 (UTC+3).
  • Only for non-US citizens and each user can participate only once in each airdrop.
  • Participants will not receive airdrop rewards if they haven’t passed the KYC tier 2.
  • The Airdrop complaints will be answered until the 2 weeks time of reward distribution date. If you complain about an airdrop later than two weeks time of the distribution date then the complaint will not be answered.


Financial inclusion for businesses and consumers in Africa. Giving you the money you don’t have; helping you afford the world around you.
Driving Crypto Adoption! Positioned to be Africa’s largest aggregator of crypto merchants; powered by smart tech and intuitive onboarding policies. 
Capital for Everyone! Providing credit to businesses and their consumers using CLIQ tokens so that no transaction is left uncompleted

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